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Museum of Flight

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The Museum of Flight is located in Seattle, Washington at Boeing Field.  The museum exists to acquire, preserve and exhibit historically significant air and space artifacts.  There are more than 150 aircraft and spacecraft on display as well as the “Red Barn”, Boeing’s first manufacturing facility.

Some of the aircraft on display include:

  • First prototype Boeing 747 Airliner
  • First presidential jet
  • British Airways Concorde number 214
  • a Caproni CA 20, the first fighter plane
  • LearAvia Lear Fan prototype
  • Albatross human-powered aircraft
  • one of five Aerocards

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Bill Gates’ House

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Bill Gates’ House overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington.  The house is 50,000 square feet on an over 5 acre lot.  It has 4 stories and contains 8 bathrooms.  Construction of the house took seven years.  The assessed tax value of the house is $125 million and it pays close to $1 million a year in property taxes.

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Boeing Everett Factory

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The Boeing Everett factory is where the Boeing 747′s, 767′s, 777′s and 787 Dreamliners are built.  The factory is the largest building in the world by volume.  It is located at Paine Field in Everett, Washington.

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Space Needle

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The Space Needle is a tower located in Seattle, Washington.   It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair.  The Space Needle contains an observation deck which is located 520 feet above the ground and the SkyCity Restaurant at 500 feet.

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